They say that for carnival everything is allowed. From February 3rd to 18th, Carnival returns to Girona and Costa Brava, and today we want to offer you a tour of the most important carnivals. Millennial tradition, days of dance, costumes and fun where almost everything is allowed. Enjoy yourself, cover your face and dare to be anonymous for a day at one of the carnivals that we propose!

Platja d’Aro


Probably the most famous of all on the Costa Brava, the carnival here has grown into the main event of carnivals in the area. The most spectacular is the troupe, which has the participation of more than 4,000 extras that parade under the eyes of spectators to the rhythm of musical bands from the rest of Catalonia and Europe. February 3rd to 14th.



During  Carnival, this seaside town is filled with parades, fair tents, dances and party. The main day is Friday, the day the floats go out to parade to exhibit their costumes along Rhode Avenue and the Roses Association of Parties distributes cookies and muscatel to everyone. The parade brings together more than 80 troupes, 70 floats and about 3,500 people parading. February 8th to 12th.



The Palamós carnival is one of the pioneers of the Costa Brava. The carnival weekend is distributed in the Gran Rua on Saturday afternoon, the Dance of Costumes on Saturday night and the show of Sunday’s troupes. In Palamós the carnival is also alive in the street with the setting of shops and parades such as Vesprà and Despertà. February 3rd to 14th.



The activities are varied and designed for all audiences. One of the peculiarities of the Carnival of l’Escala is that the Farandola is danced, a dance that will surely not leave you indifferent if you assist as a spectator, and that will make you enjoy yourself if you participate actively. February 10th to 12th.

El Ranxo in Capmany and Vidreres


In these two locations, Carnival is characterized by the preparation of the traditional Ranxo, a typical dish of these dates that carries potatoes, rice, beans, pork, beef and sausages. The activity has been celebrated for years on Tuesdays of Carnival. The traditional meal is made with the ingredients that neighbors have provided, although nowadays they give more euros than vegetables. Shrove Tuesday (Carnival Tuesday).


Foto: Xavier Bataller

Carnival arrives in Olot, as the tradition goes, a week later than in the coastal towns, in the middle of Lent. On Saturday, February 17th at 5:00 p.m., music and the color of the costumes will take center stage in the Grand Parade.

Now you know that this February you can experience a unique carnival in our houses and in these towns of Girona and the Costa Brava! Once in life it is a must!