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Who we are and what we stand for

In Naturaki we are a team of people focused in managing countryside and charming houses in the province of Girona and the Costa Brava. With passion, effort and energy, our aim is to professionalize the management of holiday lodgements incorporating four key elements: technology, marketing, best customer service and best service to owners.

At the same time, we work tirelessly to offer a set of homes, carefuly picking them one by one, with excellent value for money, tastefully decorated and constant maintenance. In fact, our goal is to “make your stay an unforgettable experience“.

The team

Naturaki team is quite large and made up of people of diverse nature, from people dedicated to cleaning, preparation and maintenance of accommodations to photographers and designers. We try to work with people who can bring their experience, creativity and knowledge in the business, quickly and efficiently either as employees, suppliers or external collaborators. We believe in long term stable relationships and the experience given by the working years.

That said, the company is run by Narcis and Carme: brothers, friends and founders.

Narcís Vilà
Director and technical manager. Business Administration and Management at the University of Girona and Master in Online Marketing and E-Commerce. Web developer since 2000.



carmeCarme Vilà
Marketing, sales and new lodgements responsible. Business Administration and Management at the University of Girona and Postgraduate in Marketing and Sales for SME.



The origins

The origins date back some years … Naturaki is the set of “coincidences” and the result of a great effort and willingness to move forward.

Formally, the company was established on January 26, 2011, however the embryo had been brewing for years.

Captura de pàgina de la primera versió de Naturaki.com

Naturaki.com first version screenshot

Since 2001 Narcís developed websites through comexus.net where his specialty was tourism and rural tourism. He always complained about the same thing: “Rural tourism needs to professionalize”. The business was doing fine and in 2007 he finished building a house destined to live, but he lived a short time in it, only a year and a half. It was closed for some time and when the crisis became deeper he started occasionally renting it for vacation rental. Many rural house owners complained that with the crisis bookings lowered a lot and though the websites developed by Narcís were very good, they were too expensive. So he proposed them that instead of paying the website, he would take care of managing the bookings and would only charge a commission based on sales website would generate.

Parallel Carme used to work in the hotel industry on the Costa Brava for several summers, enjoying and learning from people when they went on vacation and seeing their needs, she always repeated to herself “the customer is on vacation enjoying his reduced time, we are lucky he chose our hotel to stay. Making him and unforgettable experience is part of my responsibility”. Combining work and studies, she spent two years working in the foodservice industry gaining extensive experience in customer loyalty, negotiation and care of providers. With this combination, Carme could better understand the needs of the end customer and the providers. She then worked on some more businesses without finding her place. So after making a small taste managing bookings she decided to go traveling to Asia. It was a subject she did not want to leave for the future, an intense trip without return ticket.

Once she returned, and after an intense meeting between Narcis and Carme during a December evening in “la Terra” bar of Girona, they agreed that after new year’s eve they would create the company and start working together.

What about the name?
Well, it is also a result of chance. It turns out that in 2004 Narcís developed a portal for rural tourism in Spain where houses could advertise. The name was a combination of Nature and “Aqui” -here in catalan- (NaturAqui) which, with a 2.0 touch, evolved to Naturaki.com. When we started we needed a domain where we could publish the different houses were managing (four at the time) to show our customers all houses we had to offfer. The portal was not successful and had been abandoned for years so that the name chosen years ago was perfect for our project! As a curiosity, we also have registered naturaqui.com.

The present and the future

It’s been four years since we started and it still seems we have to do everything. We have hosted over 45,000 people in our houses and every year, we have been increasing the number of lodgements we manage till reaching 66 in the present time.

However, we expect the coming years to be very intense and with many new features. The range of options is extensive, from expanding to new regions and increasing the number of lodgements we manage, till entering new sectors, in any case, our goal will always remain the same: “to make your stay an unforgettable experience”.

Thank you very much for your confidence!


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