Today we want to make a colorful and quiet proposal to calm the inner rumor of these days. We have prepared a top 5 of the best places in Girona and Costa Brava where to greet and say goodbye to the sun and where to enjoy landscapes painted in oranges, reds and violets. It’s precisely the sky, with its sunrises and sunsets, that offers us a unique spectacle at dawn and dusk!

1. Cap de Creus

What can we say about Cap de Creus that we haven’t said already… The first place of the Iberian peninsula to see the sun. A magical place where you feel small in the middle of the sea and the mountains cut by salt. From the tip of the Far (lighthouse), the sunrise over the horizon of the sea is spectacular.

2. La Gola del Ter


We recommend going a full moon sunset. Here you can live a unique spectacle: to see how the sun sets on the side of the river between the mountains and at the same time you turn and see as it leaves the imposing moon above the sea accompanied by the Medas Islands. Priceless.

3. Portitxol beach

Foto: Salvador Simón

Another place highly recommended both to see the sun rise and the moon. If you take the good perspective you can see the sun rising between the hole of the leafy rocks to the sea.

4. Stairs of the Cathedral of Girona

The Cathedral of Girona offers a majestic spectacle by default, it is even more so when you watch the sunset from the top of its 90 scales (you can take advantage to count them and see how many you find, as there are always discrepancies). Everything is stained with an orange color that makes the stage an exceptional place.

5. The lake in Banyoles

Foto: Felip Prats

At dusk, the water of the lake in Banyoles becomes a mirror and is the best time to stop, sit and breathe the special air that gives off the atmosphere when the sun begins to fall behind the mountains and dyes of oranges, violets and red the pond.

Stand still, breathe deeply and enjoy the wonder of these landscapes of the top 5 sunsets and sunrises in Girona and Costa Brava!