Christmas is almost here and today we want to invite you to visit some of the places where Christmas spirit is at its most. A small route through the most enchanting villages of Girona and the Costa Brava.
And during these dates many of these towns are filled with lights, markets, cribs, and various activities. Here is a list of those we like the most and where you will live a fairy tale Christmas:


Girona, for Christmas, is decked with lights. We highlight the Christmas Fair of Independence Square, the traditional Pastorets, and the Ice Track and Slide located in the Palace of Fairs, where young and old will spend a great time. We also recommend a stroll on the enlightened Onyar bridges.

Castell d’Aro


We highlight the living Nativity scene. It was first performed in 1959, and takes place between the old part of Castell d’Aro and the natural area of the Vall de la Coma. The scenes of the manger have the participation of no less than 300 extras!



If you pass by the Rambla de Figueres you will find a handful of wooden houses, the Christmas Market stalls, where you can buy products such as fir trees, caganers, sausages, cribs, nougats … We also highlight the Christmas lighting, some Dalinian figures unique in the country, which this year expanded to 319 pieces.



Here they celebrate Christmas Time, which brings together the Manger Exhibition, the ice skating rink, the Nativity Fair, the great Cagada del Tió (the tree trunk “poos” all the gifts) and other activities. We highlight the ice skating rink, which will make everyone enjoy their time.


Although a little further away, it is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a snowy fairy tale Christmas. We highlight the Parade of the Man of Noses on the 31st, which distributes noses and sweets. A good way to get to know the charm of the surroundings is taking the tourist train of the Camprodón Valley.

Feel the cold, enjoy the warmth of Christmas, and take advantage of these Christmas destinations of Girona and the Costa Brava, which are very close to our charming rural houses!