The Banyoles lake is the largest natural lake in Catalonia and is the main identity sign of the city of Banyoles. It covers an area of 107 hectares, with a length of 2,128 meters. The best way to discover and know the Banyoles lake is to go around its perimeter, entering natural sites that offer us a glimpse of the lake that are very different at each step. The whole route to go around is 8 km so put on some good shoes and start!

We propose you a walk to enjoy these timeless landscapes that offer the lake and its surroundings, with its serenity and calm, broken only when the wind blows. You can take a tour of the lake on foot or by bike. The road is flat and easy, both for adults and children. The walking time is about 2 hours 30 minutes.

Tour of the Banyoles lake

A typical and easy place to start the route is at the Tourist Office, located in the area known as the Front of the Lake. From here, go round heading north. You will pass by the side of some of the Pesqueres (small houses by the water). There are 20 of them and date from the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

If you have strong arms, you can start by picking up one of the wooden boats with oars and making an excursion inside the lake. When you get tired, you can walk to the Banys Vells (where you can have a good breakfast to get more energy), and continue to the Park of the Draga, where there are the Neolithic sites of the same name. If you continue, you will pass by the Wooden Hut (the only free access point for bath in summer) and the rowing Tower, from where you will have a very good perspective in the north of the Lake. In this stretch that continues until you reach the Forest of Can Morgat, you will be able to observe a wide variety of birds, fish, amphibians and plants.

The path that borders the lake is very pleasant and it passes amidst a vegetation characteristic of the riverside forest. Along the way you will find several viewpoints from where you will have a very good perspective of the place.

After the Porqueres church you will find a restaurant where, if you like, you can make a good grilled meat. After the walk, you deserve it! Then, with a full belly, you will continue through the paratge dels Desmais, where you can take a good nap under the shadow. You will continue through the Historic garden, declared Cultural Good of National Interest, which will be the last section of this itinerary that we propose until you find the Tourist Office again.

And after the stroll around the Banyoles lake, there is nothing better than having a good dinner with family or friends in one of our charming rural houses. Take a look!

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