The Natural Park of Cap de Creus is one of the parks with more protected area of ​​Catalonia and this makes it, along with its wealth, the things you can do there are almost endless. In addition, the park is very close to charming villages of Alt Empordà as Port de la Selva, La Selva de Mar, Llançà, Cadaqués, …

We especially recommend the routes that can be done in the same park. We highlights the GR-11 (from the interior to the coast) and the GR-92 (by the sea). Other more secondary paths, along with some parts of the walkway, are also more than recommended. We have done the GR-92 and is an extraordinary experience: Portbou-LlançàLlançà-Cadaqués;Cadaqués-MontjoiMontjoi-Castelló d’Empúries.

These routes will allow you to discover the Cap de Creus and you will find places as magical as the Lighthouse, Cape Norfeu (our favorite) and those hidden coves that all customers ask for when they come through the area. We emphasize the Pelosa, Montjoi (where the Bulli was) and Jòncols.

Culturally, the main attraction is the Monastery of Sant Pere de Roda. Important!, do not forget to climb to the Castle of San Salvador, it takes about 25 minutes walk from the monastery and you will enjoy even more incredible views. From the top you will see absolutely everything.

Moreover, once you made the routes, you have many options for eating and/or sleeping. The restaurant in the same monastery, the restaurant in the Lighthouse, any of the restaurants in the villages or, better yet, a picnic in Mas Ventós, another place with spectacular views of the plain of Empordà perfect for barbecues.

And remember, enjoy the beauty of solid mineral Cap de Creus and respect it for your children’s children to do the same.