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We take the restaurant in the house!

Quality dishes to enjoy during your stay. We take them to the house and leave in the refrigerator, just heat and eat. Bon Appetite!

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First courses Price per portion

Salmon tartare 5,50€

Defrost for about 2 hours. Box 30 servings 148.50 € (4.95 € the portion).

Vegetable lasagna 4,95€

Oven 10 min 220ºC, then gratin 5 min. Box 8 servings 34.90 € (4.36 € the portion).

Meat cannelloni 4,90€

Oven 10 min 220ºC, then gratin 5 min. Box 8 servings 34.50 € (4.31 € the portion).

Macaroni Bolognese 4,50€

Oven 5 min 220ºC, then gratin 4 min. Box 8 servings 31.90 € (3.99 € the portion)

Mushrooms risotto with prawns 6,90€

Microwave 7 minutes 800w. Box 8 servings 48.90 € (6.11 € the portion)

Second coursesPrice per portion

Iberian pork cheek with honey and mustard 9,30€

Microwave 6 minutes 800w. Box 8 servings 66.90 € (8.36 € the portion)

Oxtail with wine and chocolate 8,20€

Microwave 6 minutes 800w. Box 8 servings 58.90 € (7.36 € the portion)

Cod cooked al pil-pil 7,90€

Microwave 6 minutes 800w. Box 8 servings 56.70 € (7.09 € the portion)

DessertsPrice per portion

Cheese cake 3,50€

Defrost. Box 36 servings 112.90 € (3.14 € the portion)

Tarte Tatin (apple) 2,75€

Microwave 30 seconds at 800W. Box 24 servings 58.90 € (2.45 € the portion)

Coulant chocolate (gluten free) 2,95€

Microwave 45 seconds at 800W. Box 36 servings 95,90 € (2,66 € the portion)

Madagascar vanilla ice cream 29,50 €

2.5 kg jar. 35 scoops of ice cream.

Wines and CavasPrice per bottle

Vella Lola Red (D.O. Empordà) 8,90€

Box 6 bottles 45.50 € (7.58 € the bottle)

Vivanco Crianza (D.O. Rioja, Red) 12,90€

Box 6 bottles 65.70 € (10.95 € the bottle)

Organic Red Wine Mas d'Anyada Comptal (DO Penedès) 12,90€

Box 6 bottles 65.70 € (10.95 € the bottle)

Vella Lola White (D.O. Empordà) 8,90€

Box 6 bottles 45.50 € (7.58 € the bottle)

José Pariente Verdejo 13,30€

Box 6 bottles 67.90 € (11.32 € the bottle)

Organic White wine Pomell de Blancs Mas Comptal (DO Penedès) 12,90€

Box 6 bottles 65.70 € (10.95 € the bottle)

Cava Brut Bohigas 11,90€

Box 6 bottles 59.90 € (9.98 € the bottle)

Cava Brut Nautre "Laccrima Baccus" 8,50€

Box 6 bottles 42.50 € (7.08 € the box)

KitsPrice per kit

Fruity Gin Tonic Kit (12 gin tonics) 59,90€

1 Gin Fragaria bottle, 12 Ledger's tonic, dehydrated raspberries and 12 glasses of injected plastic.

Classic Gin Tonic Kit (for 12 gin tonics) 79,90€

1 Gin Citadelle bottle, 12 Fever Tree tonic, anise, cardamom and 12 injected plastic cups

Explanation and operation

As simple as order it from our website or call us. You just need to choose the dishes you like the most and tell us how many servings do you want and for which day. We deliver the products to the house and leave them inside the fridge, ready to eat.

We will come and deliver you order the day you asked us. Just set the table and enjoy restaurant food that we take you at home.

You can order food until maximum 72h prior to the day you want us to deliver the order (on Sunday we don’t have delivery service). We recommend you to book as early as possible to ensure there will be enough portions of what you want.

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10% additional discount if you collect the order at our office.

and customers think...


Un àpat el vam demanar al catering de Naturaki, haig de dir que estava tot boníssim!

Roser 24 Abril, 2016

Un gran àpat

La qualitat del menjar era bona, ens va resultar molt pràctic posar totes les galtes de porc en una safata de forn i només escalfar-les! Els postres ens van agradar molt, però el tàrtar de salmó no ens va acabar de convèncer

Pere 15 Gener, 2016

Great service

All delivered as promised, neatly packed. A good solution for dinner on the day of the arrival perhaps, but the food can be described as bland at best.

Maciej August the 26th, 2015

Una gozada

La comida era excelente. El servicio también es fantástico. Encontrárnosla en la nevera tras un largo viaje ha sido perfecto. La gestión de Naturaki también excelente. Enhorabuena por vuestro servicio! Quedamos encantados.

Rosa Mª 24 agosto, 2015

Généralement bonne

Nous avons commandé de la paéla et nous n'avons pas du tout été satisfait … Le service est très bien, c'est une très bonne idée, mais la qualité du repas et plus que médiocre, ce n'est vraiment pas bon.

Julie 24 aôut, 2015

Livraison très bonne

Déçus par le repas... Nous aurions pu acheter des plats préparés au rayon surgelé du supermarché cela nous aurait coûté moins cher... bon mais prestation trop basique. Par contre la dame qui s est occupé de la livraison ainsi que des soucis de fosse septique est super sympa et très efficace! Félicitations et merci à elle pour son efficacité et sa gentillesse!

Céline 22 aôut, 2015

As good or even better than in many restaurants

I must confess that initially I had my doubts as to whether the food would be as good as expected. We took different dishes from the refrigerator and heat them in a moment in the microwave. They were surprisingly as good or even more than in many restaurants. The risotto, oxtail and tarte tatin fascinated me! Oh, and with our 8 month daughter we appreciated the fact to have a diner like in a restaurant but being in the house to take her to his bed.

Narcís June the 8th, 2015

Like having the restaurant at home

We were in one of the houses in Albons and we wanted to make a special dinner, but we did not feel like cooking. We opted to order the dinner, and we only had to heat it. Everything was very good but I personally loved the salmon tartare, the iberian pork cheek and the chocolate coulant, which was gluten free. We will surely repeat. Thank you very much!

Carme June the 14th, 2015

FAQ - Common questions

Which ingredients go into every dish? and what allergens?
In each portion we serve there is a label with all the ingredients and the potential allergens.

Can I save transport?
The expenses are free from 50 € for each order that we deliver in the house or if you come at our office to pick it up.

Can I come to collect the order myself?
Yes, you can order by telephone or email and come to pick it up directly to our office (see location) agreeing a delivery time. You will have a 10% discount on your order and you save transport fees.

Can I order food for several days?
Yes, you have the option of taking everything the same day or that we deliver it daily. We do not recommend storing food over 48 hours in the refrigerator. If you plan to use the service several days, we recommend ordering it on a daily basis.

Should we order food in advance or we can do when we’re at home?
You can order it until maximum 72h prior to the day you want us to deliver the order , but we recommend doing it in advance before coming to the house to arrange the service optimally.

How do we pay?
It must be paid at the time of confirming the order. We will send a link to make the payment by credit card or the information to do it by wire transfer. If you order it once you are in the house, you can pay by cash or credit card when we deliver it to the house.

When will you deliver the food to the house?
If you do the order in advance, when you arrive to the house you will find the food in the fridge. If you do it once and you are in the house, we will deliver it the day you tell us between 10 and 13h. In this case, delivery will be direct on hand so you must be in the house.

How do we prepare the food?
In all dishes it is explained how to prepare them. If eaten cold they don’t require preparation, if eaten hot they only have to be heated in the microwave, the oven or in a pan.

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