Vilafreser is a manger town, characterized by the silhouette of the church with the bell tower and the Pyrenees in the background, a postcard picture that many painter artists have left for posterity. 50 years ago, when our father was little, the town had a school, hostel, shop and bakery. 25 years later when we were little, the school was closed, but there was still some children in the village and the best wood oven bread you have ever tasted. Today, businesses are not open, half of the houses are empty and in 25 years the nucleus has gone from 36 to 16 inhabitants.

Vilafreser is a special place for us: it is our home. It is where we were born and raise, where our parents live and where we opened the first house, the Loft Vilafreser. Vilafreser was Naturaki’s embryo.

40 years ago our grandfather sold a piece of land to Juan de Can Siso of Vilafreser for 3.000 pesetas. After 20 years this piece of land, along with the next one, became urban lands and five years later a complex was projected. Finally, in 2009 the complex was completed. Unfortunately, due to the housing crisis it was not successful and today they still haven’t built any house.

The years went by and we were sad to see that nothing was done in such a beautiful place. Since we started Naturaki we have helped many homeowners to repair their houses to look at its best and get the most out of them. But we were also excited about starting our own project from scratch, so two years and a half ago we initiated the contacts to buy a part of the complex. At that time and for various reasons it was not possible to carry it forward. But finally, about one month ago the negotiations came to fruition and, thanks to the good understanding with developers, we bought a part of the complex!

Yes, there is a point of madness in all this, now that almost no one makes houses, we will build six, this is a small group of 6 houses with a large common area. And we will make them very nice! The investment is very important, in fact the most important ever made in Vilafreser. But we have the approval of the banks, the municipality of Vilademuls and the rest of the administration. In addition, and most important for us, we have the experience of five years in the sector and the confidence of almost 35.000 people who have stayed in the 40 houses that we currently manage. All this reassures us and makes us confident that it will be a good project: for the people, for the society and for the company. And besides, we will create new jobs and continue boosting economic activity that we already generate in the area.

If all goes well, we hope to begin the construction of the first two houses in 2016 and open them in 2017. It takes a lot of preparation and to tie up many budgets, but if all goes as planned, in May 2019 all six houses will be completed.

Each house will have a capacity of 2-8 people, will have a private garden and pool, a large porch with chill-out, indoor Jacuzzi and fireplace. The style will be rustic and warmth will prevail, the work with natural light and the integration of interior and exterior. They will be a mix between Loft Vilafreser and Albons Resort, discrete houses but with an exceptional warmth. At the same time sustainability and energy efficiency will be key throughout the construction process.

We are very happy and excited, when we started we would have never expected to get to do a project like this. As we move forward with the project we will explain more details.

Again, thank you for your confidence, without you, none of this would be possible.

Vilafreser, by Naturaki 😉