Gastronomy is an essential element for identity of a territory and in Girona’s region we have excellent products that have helped to put the province on the gastronomic map.

In this post we present 8 most typical products of Girona, some of them more famous than others, but all of them exquisite. We suggest you not leaving of Girona without having tasted some of them, and if you like their you can use to buy and fill the larder enjoy them for a while (although you always have an excuse to return to Girona).

1. Anxoves de l’Escala

AnxovesWe started with the Anxoves de l’Escala, anchovies salting preserved, which are used as an aperitif, as in salads or on “coques de recapte”. On the village of l’Escala there are 4 business dedicated to preserving salted anchovies among others salting.

2. Rice of Pals


If you like rice you have to try the Rice of Pals. If you thought that only in Ebre’s delta was rice producer you are wrong. The confluence of the Ter river and sea provide ideal conditions for growing high quality rice.

3. Patates d’Olot

Patatas de Olot

We continue with Olot potatoes (patates d’Olot), slices of potatoes stuffed with meat, breaded and fried. A filling dish that everyone loves. You can find them prepared in most butcher shops in the province.

4. Botifarra dolça


Among the salty and sweet we propose the Sweet Sausage (botifarra dolça). Yes, as the name suggests is a sausage with sugar (also carries cinnamon and lemon). Some people eats it with toast soaked with the same fluid or with apple. It is a product of extremes, either love it or you do not like anything!

5. Olive Oil of Empordà


We hihgtlight the Olive Oil DOP Oli de l’Empordà, which you can dress all kinds of dishes. The specific varieties of the area are Argudell, Corivell and Verdal.

6. Apple of Girona


The landscape of the area of ​​Torroella de Montgrí is known for its apple’s fields (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication). Combined with sweet sausage you can prepared some Vilabertran a stuffed apples (apple stuffed with sweet sausage, egg, almond, biscuit, lemon and anise).

7. Xuixo


The sweet proposal is Xuixo, a paste that resembles the shape of croissant stuffed with cream, fried and sugared. Ideal for breakfast or snack.

8. Wine of Empordà


And all these can be accompanied with some wine DO Empordà. The soil and Tramuntana (north wind) in the area give wines of great quality. The denomination of origin Empordà have about forty small – and not so small – wineries, with vineyards spread between Alt and Baix Empordà. Some of them you can visit.

With these 8 most typical products of Girona you will be hungry! In fact, probably after reading this, your belly is making noise. Well, you know what you have to do … start planning your next visit to province of Girona!