Strategically located between the regions of Pla del Estany, l’Alt Empordà and Garrotxa, the Condal Village of Besalú is one of the most important medieval sites of Catalonia. The combination of culture, tradition, gastronomy and nature makes Besalú one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Spain.

The historical heritage of Besalú is remarkably well preserved thanks to the ongoing restoration work in recent years. We highlight the Old Bridge and the Jewish Quarter.

The medieval bridge is the quintessential image of the town. Built in the XII century, it crosses the river Fluvià and is a must. The views from the top of the bridge are great, but where is best seen its monumentality is down from the river and it is where you can take the best pictures.

The Jewish quarter is one of the most important in Europe. A visit walking among its streets will reveal real architectural treasures, the most important of which are the “Micvé”. The Jewish baths, discovered by chance in 1964, are the thirds discovered in Europe and the only ones in Spain.

Along with the church of San Vicente, San Julià church-hospital, Casa Cornellà, the monastery of San Pere and the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria are entirely a unique set declared a “National Historic-Artistic set” in 1966.

To appreciate all site in detail remember that you can make guided walking tours organized by the Tourist Office in the same villa. In addition, the Internet itself, you can find this excellent guide which explains in great detail the visit of Besalú.

And of course, we recommend to complement the visit with a nice lunch at one of the many restaurants you will find in the town, some with pleasant views over the medieval bridge.

Finally, and if you wish to complete your day, you can approach to visit the volcanoes of the Garrotxa, the Fageda d’en Jorda, the prehistoric caves of Serinyà or the Lake in Banyoles, all within a few minutes drive from the village. Please note that in winter the best route would be to visit first one of these beautiful places and then walk through Besalú, dine in one of its restaurants and during the afternoon continue the visit of the villa.