Sant Narcís Fair in Girona is the Festival of the city, one of the latest in Catalonia. The villagers know it well, as Sant Narcís Fair in Girona marks the arrival of the cold, it is time to remove the jacket and thick socks back of the closet and keep your hands warm with some roasted chestnuts or a good firewood sweet potato.

These celebrations honours San Narcís (October 29th), patron of the city, represented surrounded by flies. We are sure that the legend has inspired some zombie movies, as it explains that when the French troops arrived in Girona, they found a walled city ready to defend its territory. First of all neighborhoods that were outside of the wall were occupied, such as Sant Feliu where there were the remains of San Narcís. To scare the population into walls French soldiers scattered the remains of San Narciso in the streets.
A carpenter from Girona collected the remains of the Holy and placed them inside a wooden box that he built himself. Thousands of flies left the wooden tomb and went straight to attack the French troops, which fled. This is the miracle of Sant Narcís flies, and that’s the reason why the fly has become an iconography to represent Girona.

Sant Narcís Fair always comes with All Saints Festivity and lengthen 10 days (comprising two weekends), in which the city is filled with music, attractions, cultural events, etc. We detail the main activities that year after year are repeated:

Attractions in the Devesa Park

Chaired by the big wheel (the largest in Europe with 75 meters high) protruding above the ancient plane trees of the paddock, you will feel shocked when seeing dozens and dozens of attractions placed in between the trees. Each year there is an afternoon (one business day) when all attractions are worth 1 €.

Concerts in La Copa and other parts of the city

One of the strengths of the fair is music, specifically the concert stage of La Copa (free). Around the stage you will find the “barracas”, bars managed by different Girona entities, where you can have a drink, eat and prolong the party, as each “barraca” puts his own music. You can check this year’s schedule here.


The first 4 days the Exhibition Fair opens its doors, a space for promoting trade and economic sectors of the province. Outdoors and in different parts of the city, you will also find the craft fair, food, the antiquarian, drawing and painting, among others.


These days the city is also filled with cultural events like the Human Towe Party (Castellers), parades and giants gatherings, sardanas and the traditional and emotional rise pillar of 4 at the Cathedral Steps.

As peculiar acts we can highlight the Cathedral Sprint, a race against time climbing the stairs of the Cathedral (no less than 90 nummulitic steps) and the falling andróminas by the river Onyar.

In addition, there are also several exhibitions at the CaixaForum Girona, the Centro Cultural La Mercè, the Film Museum, Casa Maso, History Museum, etc.

And to finish the party, the second you can enjoy the Fireworks. The best place to watch them is Fontajau bridge from where it looks spectacular.

These are just some of the recurring activities organized for San Narcís Fair, you can check the events this year on this link.

Enjoy San Narcís Fairs!