The province of Girona has always been known for the quality of its cuisine and restaurants but we all know that, for a few years under, with the leadership of Ferran Adrià, our kitchen has become a world leader. This leadership is currently followed by the Roca brothers, placing his restaurant as the second worldwide. The Roca brothers restaurant has occupied the second position as the second best restaurant in the world for 3 years (2011, 2012, 2014) and during the 2013 and this 2015 occupies the first position (according to the British magazine Restaurant).

Often we wonder how many Michelin star restaurants we have in the province of Girona and the answer is 16. Specifically Girona have 20 Michelin stars spread over 16 restaurants, so Girona becomes the province that has accumulated more Michelin stars per capita. Here we present the full list:

Restaurants in Girona with 3 stars:

Restaurants in Girona with 2 stars:

Restaurants in Girona with 1 star:


Below we have prepared a map with the location of all Michelin star restaurants in Girona that we have mention above. We hope you find it useful and could enjoy these little temples of gastronomy.