If you like the river and its lush green surroundings, if you feel suffocated by the parade of red bodies that fill the beaches of the Costa Brava, this post is for you.

For cold water and natural shade lovers, from Naturaki we propose you different excursions along some of the reservoirs and pools in the area of Girona that will delight young and old. In addition, all of them are close to some of our rural houses, therefore, you have no excuse!

Gather the slippers and the towel and penetrate these beautiful natural spots and explore its surroundings! It is worth it!

The ones that we like the most are:


The pools of Canet d’Adri river:

The natural setting of the river of Canet born under the mountain of Rocacorba and meanders along its course forming caves and small waterfalls of a very special beauty and lush.

On their way through the village of Canet it becomes one of the most interesting places in town, where it forms the pools of la Fuente de la Torre, of volcanic origin creating shapes of alveolar erosion caused by the impact against the walls of the river materials that pulls the water.
Easy access as the Torre fountain has been remodeled with the construction of a circuit for walking on both sides of the river.

Canet d'Adri


Sadernes and Salto del Brull:

To get there we have to divert from the highway A-26 (the Olot) to Montagut to follow up until Sadernes, where the road ends. The typical trip is one that leads you to the church of Sant Aniol of Aguja (about 2 hours). In winter and early in the summer, you can advance until the bridge Valenti and save an hour’s walk.

At Sant Aniol you will find a Romanesque church, an old refuge currently being renovated by Sant Aniol’s friends and a cold foutain! From there you can walk 15 minutes to the Salto del Brull. You can take one last bath in the spacious Poza Azul, one of the best places to swim across the river.



Maçanet de Cabrenys:

The “Women’s pool” is the busiest gorge, because you can reach it by car. The name’s origin has not yet been well clarified, seems to be from the time when men and women bathed separately. By private initiative, in 1961 a lock was made to raise the water level. At the top of the gorge there is a large rock with bench shape to rest or to jump like a trampoline.

You can stroll around, past the Fraga Fountain and the Moli d’en Robert, where you can eat with the background babbling of the river.

Gorga de les dones

Darnius-Boadella Reservoir:

It is located in the upper side of the river Muga, and extends to the municipalities of Darnius, Sant Llorenc de la Muga and Terrades, in the Alt Emporda. The maximum water depth when the reservoir is full is 3.6 km2, and has a capacity of 61 Hm3. In the waters of the reservoir bathing, fishing, kayaking and motor boat gas is allowed. It is worth to take a rest while enjoying the views.


Albanyà pools:

Is a group of rafts on the first sections of the Muga. They are located within the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest of the Alta Garrotxa and have a remarkable natural setting formed by chestnut trees, oaks and meadows. All around there are numerous points of river fishing.

Just 2 kms from Albanyà, taking the road that passes by the Camping Bassegoda Park, we reach what is probably the funniest area of  the Muga. Here the young and not so young can have fun swimming and jumping off the rocks.

The pools of Albanyà are just 15 minutes walking from our rural house in Albanyà, Can Martinot.



Caula Waterfall:

A few years ago the travertine formations that covered the rocks came off, so now, the bath is not allowed. Just for nostalgia we will explain a few things:

The waterfall, of 30 meters, is part of Caula River that crosses and divides the travertine cliffs. Shortly after the waters meet the Muga. The torrents of Fontanilles and Caula make some hot water pools where, unlike elsewhere, the bath was suitable all year round!

We hope that the bath will be allowed again soon.

Les Escaules


River pool of Moli dels Murris:

It’s part of Cogolls river and it conforms a waterfall with a very generous river pool. To reach the starting point of the route, you must take the road linking Les Planes d’Hostoles with Cogolls. It is easily accessible, meaning that sometimes there are quite people.

Worth following the river up stream to find more unfrequented places.



Now you know! If you wish to refresh yourself fleeing from the crowds in coastal areas, take a walk in the Girona river pools that we suggest and take a nice “rural bath”, we are sure you will love the experience!


Cover picture: Salt de Brull, Aniol d’Aguja / Flickr Marta