Llémena Valley, between El Gironès and La Garrotxa, is one of those places that is very close to civilization, but if you go deep into it for only 5 minutes you will be marveled of the luxuriance of its 184 km2 of ancient volcanoes, towering cliffs and water sources. It’s only ten minutes away from the city of Girona and from St. Gregory, and forty minutes from the Costa Brava and Olot.

Gets its name from the Llémena stream that crosses the valley from the headwaters to its mouth at the Ter, passing through St. Gregory. The stream revolves around the life of their towns, Canet d’Adri, Sant Aniol de Finestres, St. Gregori and St. Martí de  Llémena, all within a framework of great landscape value.

This geographical situation as well as the beauty of its surroundings provide the ideal conditions to enjoy a variety of recreational, cultural, sporting and gastronomic opportunities for everyone.

We recommend the trekking to the Canet water stream. This route follows the course of the Canet stream to admire the different ways that water has sculpted over time the water pools.

You might also enjoy the valley by bike following the routes of the BTT Center Sant Gregori – Llémena Valley. You will find from the easiest routes that cross the flat valley through the old Camí ral, to the most difficult routes in the mountains of Finestres, Rocacorba mountain, cliff or Sant Grau and San Roc. Get ready for some good needles that it goes uphill!

If you do not want to walk for so long, you can take the tourist train that runs through the natural valley. A different way of enjoying and entertaining Llémena Valley.

And after all this you cannot miss a good meal cooking popularly known as farmer cuisine, with dishes based on broth, garden products, hunt and poultry, as well as excellent meats and recipes of land mushrooms are one of the main protagonists. There are many restaurants serving traditional Catalan food, some of them even with a farm with animals, where children and adults can enjoy an authentic farmer lunch.

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