If there is something that we really enjoy in these parts,  is “hacer el dominguero” (a popular saying, its most adequate translation would be to spend your Sunday without any concern whatsoever). What does “hacer el dominguero” mean exactly? Enjoying moments and places where time seems to have patience. We come across some small definitions or specific notions: Sunday escapades, improvised excursions, hours that pass slowly and peacefully with friends, small talks while preparing the fire of the barbecue, picking asparagus or flowers, teaching the kids how to play football, filling up bottles with spring water.

You’re already guessing it, right? We want to propose you the 10 best places in Girona and surroundings to go on a picnic and at the same time take advantage to discover places and sites that you would never have imagined to have so close. Places where you can appreciate the colors of spring, enjoy the olfactory explosion of trees and flowers. Ready? Steady? Go!

1. Picnic area Sant Martí d’Empúries

Located right next to the village of Sant Martí d’Empúries, belonging to l’Escala. The old town is very small, but full of charm. Plus, it’s the birthplace of Capitán Trueno (Captain Thunder), the hero of a series of Spanish comic book, created in 1956! In the picnic area there are 6 well-spaced wooden tables, plenty of space and it’s filled with shady areas. It has a children’s playground, which overlooks the beach of Moll Grec and the “camino de ronda” (parapet walk). Since you are in the area, you can visit the ruins of Empúries (we have already talked about this site here). Should you stay until sunset, go to Portitxol Beach to see one of the most beautiful sunsets (your Instagram will also be very grateful).

2. Aiguafreda Cove in Begur

Begur is, par excellence, one of the most picturesque places on the Costa Brava. In the eastern part of the village is the  Aiguafreda Cove, protected by Rodó mountain and famous for its crystal clear waters. It has a pier for boats and water fountain, elements that make it the perfect destination for small committee celebrations. It is a naturally collected cove and protected by the tip of Plom and the head Sa Sal, which preserves almost intact its ancestral beauty and stands out for its calm. Take a walk around the old town or even climb to the castle.

3. Font del Ferro in Girona

Strolling through Girona on a Sunday is already a classic. But even better, you can leave the car parked and walk to the Font del Ferro. Along the way you could divert through John Lennon Gardens and warm up, climbing their long stairs. Afterwards, the route is beautiful, following the grim Galligants river and you will already be within the Area of Natural Interest of the Gavarres Mountains. If you take the vehicles’ road, you can find a small bakery, in case you wish to fall into a sweet temptation. Once there, you will find 9 stone tables and 4 individual barbecues spread throughout the area. There are several fountains and a playing area.

4. In the middle of Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Photo: somdepicnic.blogspot.com.es

You will excuse us, but we have no other way to name this area, since it’s (little) known by this name. It is really a privilege to have a place like this in the middle of the village – it is in the North Ronda, between the Crta. de Girona and Catalunya Avenue in Sant Feliu. You will not be disappointed: pine forest with 5 tables (one double) and a block of 6 barbecues. Bonus: a small play area with table tennis and soccer field. While you’re there, you could take advantage and have the first bath of the season or, for the more daring, walk the Camino de Ronda (parapet walk) to Sant Pol beach – only 2.40 km.

5. La Draga Park in Banyoles

One of the destinations where you can combine food, nature and culture, since the place is considered the only Neolithic site of lacustrine environment in the Iberian Peninsula. The picnic area is bordering the lake, heading Serinyà. It is equipped with 20 tables, all of which are free to use, except the three that are closest to each other, near the bar (they open on weekends from 11:00 in the morning). Within less than a minute you will find an area with swings for the children, the site of the Draga, the lake and, to top it off, the bathing area. Could anyone ask for more?

6. Font del Raig in Sant Gregori

The smallest picnic area we have found so far – it only has a table (ideal for couples?) and, therefore, it’s best to arrive early. Although not well known beyond Sant Gregori, it is worth it. It’s located right next to the Raig fountain, one of the most popular in the village and is the only one that is not ferruginous. You can continue your excursion exploring the Vall de Llémena – a mandatory visit would be the sanctuary of Santa Afra, in the parish Ginestar.

7. Mas Ventós in Port de la Selva

Photo: somdepicnic.blogspot.com.es

Port de la Selva itself has everything: hidden beaches and brutal views, great restaurants, a very chic art gallery and is within the protected Natural Park of Cap de Creus. To top all this, there is a picnic area. Important! Due to the danger of fires, the barbecues are closed from June 15th to September 15th. Don’t let this stop you, because you will enjoy a wild place, lots of shade, space and a unique viewpoint overlooking the Bay of Roses. For a complete day, visit the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, at the top of the road, or just go up to Cadaqués, town of those touched by the tramuntana.

8. Sant Antoni de Padua hermitage in Sant Joan de les Abadesses

Photo: somdepicnic.blogspot.com.es

Mountainside, fresh air and land of routes and trails. Sant Joan de les Abadesses is a charming villa with two barbecue areas! We highlight the one of the hermitage of San Antonio de Padua, equipped with new barbecues, with mobile grills. The tables are in groups of 2 or 4, along with the barbecue, located on slope. The hermitage is not very well preserved, but the surroundings are priceless. If you go when the temperatures are high enough, you can go to the Mill of Malatosca and the river pool of witches – you can reach these spots from the old train station of Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

9. Picnic area near the Castle and Chapel of Santa Coloma de Farners

Better known for the Fair of the Ratafia, Santa Coloma hides an ideal space for lazy Sundays, where architecture, nature and food fusion brilliantly. Following the forest trail from the San Salvador Park, you will arrive at the picnic area, where you will find barbecues, but you must bring the tables and chairs, because there aren’t any. Next you will find the beautiful hermitage of the Virgin of Farners – do go there, you can make some postcard photos! The castle is a 10-minute walk away, but you can also go down a path to the Penjacans river pools.

10. Font del Baró Cervià de Ter

Photo: somdepicnic.blogspot.com.es

A perfect village for discovering routes, Cervià de Ter also offers us a picnic area located on the right side of the stream Anglí, down the road from the fount. You will find three stone tables and lots of space to play and there’s also a small river passing by – ideal to find calm, listen to the songs of the birds and watch the symphony of colors.

We are as eager as ever to explore, walk and let ourselves marvel! You’re already picking up the phone to organize a day out with your friends, right? If you’re staying at a Naturaki house, most of the places described above are nearby, so the only thing left to say is enjoy “hacer el dominguero”! Don’t forget to take pictures and tag us with the hashtag #naturaki, we love being part of your experiences.