Now that the summer heat loosens and the autumn begins, but the days are still long and sunny to enjoy the outside, we propose a bike ride along the route of the Carrilet to stretch your legs and discover the region and its landscape in a different way.

The Carrilet is currently a green-way that passes through the regions of La Garrotxa, La Selva, Gironès and Baix Empordà, which can be explored by bicycle or on foot. The Carrilet was formerly a narrow track railway line, built in the late s. IXX linking Olot and Sant Feliu de Guixols and worked until the 60s. In 2000 it was conditioned to a greenway.

As it is an old railway line the slope is not very steep and the road is wide and well conditioned, so it is ideal for all ages and for all physical conditions. In addition, the route of the Carrilet passes through several villages and distances are fully adaptable to everybody’s needs. Therefore, you have no excuse!
The entire route is about 94 km that can be divided according to your taste and needs. We propose two cycling itineraries that can be done to 6h approximate each:

Olot – Girona – 57 km – 1.5% gradient

olot - girona
The tour begins in the volcanic area of ​​LaGarrotxa, an area of ​​great landscape interest and enters the valley of Hostoles, where you can take a bathe in one of the Brugent river pools. Once passing by the village of Amer you will follow the river Ter where you can observe several hydraulic structures through Bescanó and Salt rangelands, you will reach Girona.

Girona – Sant Feliu de Guixols – 40 km – 0.5% gradient

Girona - Sant feliu
The first town you find coming out of Girona is Quart, a town known for its ceramic crafts. Then you will come across the Selva depression and halfway you shall pass through the town of Cassà de la Selva, known for its cork industry and the highest point of this stage (136m). You will follow the valley of Ridaura with the Gavarres hills on your left and the massif of Cadiretes on your right, to the port of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, where you can have a well deserved beer in one of the best beach bars in the Costa Brava.

Note that the route is not circular, so if you don’t want to undo the road you will have to plan a transport back.

Dare yourself, take a bike ride through the Green-ways of El Carrilet and feel the essence of the old train.