One more year, with the arrival of spring Girona Temps de Flors comes again. A floral exhibition that dresses the city during nine days of colors, flavors and art. Girona Temps de Flors is much more than an floral exhibition, it is a way to explore the city.

Following the different places of the exhibition you will discover nooks and corners that are not listed in guidebooks: amazing private patios and institutional buildings which normally can not be visited open to the public. The exhibition, although concentrated largely in the old quarter, is also an opportunity to discover other parts of the city where visitors would hardly approach.

Visitors can not miss the exhibitions of the steps of Girona Cathedral, Jardins dels Alemanys (Gardens of the Germans), the Plaza of the Juries,  the Arabic Baths and certainly should not miss the opportunity to visit some Jews patios such as the Lleó Aviany House which are specially decorated for the exhibition.

This year, from 9th to 17th May, Girona Temps de Flors reaches its 61 edition. Its origins date back to 1954, during the Franco dictatorship, when the exhibition was created by the Women’s Section of the Falange which consisted of an exhibition of flowers and plants at the Salon Rest of the Municipal Theatre.

Few iditions later the exhibition moved to the Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and Sant Domènec and it was not until 1992 that was extended to various parts of the old town of Girona, as we know it today.

Girona Temps de Flors is an explosion of spring in its purest form, in which the whole city participates: associations and organizations prepare each exhibition, shopkeepers decorate shop windows, restaurants offer floral menus… and during all week concerts and events are organized throughout the city.

You can find more information about the different locations of each patios and exhibitions, as well as the schedule of activities on the website of Girona Temps de Flors. Take this opportunity to enjoy the spring and explore the city as you never have seen.