The Christmas Quines are traditional in many towns of Girona during Christmas. It is a traditional game typical of the Christmas season similar to bingo. It is based on placing pebbles or beans to the square of cardboard consisting of 90 boxes with numbers from 1 to 90, with a different distribution of numbers for each one. The parrot (the person who is singing the numbers) will indicate the numbers leaving the hype and participants must check off the ones that match on the cardboard. Usually the numbers are marked with corn, which often ends everywhere except to the cardboard.

What sets this game of bingo is that the person who sings the numbers (the parrot), it does so with traditional jokes, giving a touch of humor to the game: for example, the “two ducks” is the number 22, “the pig number” is 69, “the age of Christ” is 33…

These Quines often serve to raise money for solidarity purposes, or to the association that organizes (various associations of parents of the village schools and other).

Many village merchants participates offering their products as gifts, either the butcher with a ham, a restaurant with a menu for two, the therapy center with a massage, the sports shop with a bicycle, there are gifts for everyone. This year, the AMPA of Sant Esteve de Guialbes proposed us to participate in their Quina as some of the people who work with us bring their children to this school, it makes us especially excited to put our bit by providing two relaxing massages of 60 minutes each.

Monothematic Quines are also organized, such as the famous Erotic Quina, where prizes are spicy!

If this Christmas you want to participate in the most authentic life of the villages in the area of ​​Girona, do not miss the Quines. We leave a list of some of those held in the villages near our homes:

20, 25 and 26 Decemer, 18:30h
1, 3 and 6 January, 18:30h
Place: Sala Nova d’Albons
Organizes: AMPA La Branca y Fútbol Albons

19, 25 and 25 December, 19h

Place: Pavellón Municipal

26 December, 18:30h
Place: Sociedad La Concòrdia

Organizes: Sociedad La Concòrdia

18 December, 22h (Solidarity Quina)
Place: Bar de La Cate
Organizes: Casal Popular La Figa
19 December, 19h
Place: Casa Andalusia

Organizes: Colla Castellera de Figueres

19, 25 and 26 December, 22h
8 December, 18h (quina of Escola Garrigàs)
1 and 6 January, 19h
2 January, 22h
Place: Centro cívico

Organizes: Associació Balcó de l’Empordà

25, 26 and 27 December, 18h
1, 3 and 6 January, 18h

Place: Centro Cultural Municipal ‘Xavier Vilanova’

Organizes: Centre Esportiu i Recreatiu (CER)

25 December, 19h
3 and 6 January
Place: Pavelló Municipal

Organizes: C.E. Llançà

26, 27 December, 18:30h
19 December, 22h (Spacial Quina ‘Iberian ham Game’)
25 December, 19h
1 ,3 and 6 January, 18:30h
2 January, 22h (Quina ‘Night of Surpirses’)
Place: Centro Cívico

Organizes: Asociación de Quines
6 December, 17h
Place: Centro Social de Pedret i Marzà

Organizes: Associación de Pedret i Marzà

20 and 27 December, 18h
3 January, 18h
Place: Centro Cívico

Organizes: AMPA Escola Llagut, Associación de Jubilados La Rectoria, Club de Volei Sant Pere
12 December, 19:30h (children quina)
Place: Pavellón

Organiza: AMPA de la Escuela Santiago Ratés

20, 26 December, 18:30h
2 January, 21h (erotic Quina)
6 January, 18:30h
Place: Centro Cívico
Organizes: Associación Juvenil, Cultural y de Ocio de Vila-Sacra