As the saying goes, it’s that time of the year again – Christmas! We all live this period differently, some of us are more festive than others, but it’s comforting to see that in the daily whirlwind there is suddenly time for decorations, lights, beautiful thoughts and wishes for rejoicement and sharing, that we sometimes tend to forget.

Gifts, carols, typical dishes (the cannelloni stoically expect their day of glory), iconic films (we know that you all watch Love Actually on Christmas, don’t try to fool us…) – we have all this under control and we watch it play on repeat every year, with its slightest changes. But the most fun and creative part is the Christmas decoration, both the tree and the whole house – what, how and where to put it? Don’t stress out, at Naturaki we turned into personal shoppers for a day and we have chosen 7 trends to inspire you and get a very trendy Christmas decoration.


1. Pop art designs. 

Combined with ads that reminisce childhood and children’s games – they can be a great gift idea! Vivid and extreme colors can make way in the tree either as decoration (plush in the form of animals or little angels, etc.) or as lights (nets with slightly larger bulbs and various colors). Turquoise, cherry color, canary yellow, tangerine, lime, red, everything is allowed. A tip when you choose the tablecloth: synthetic fabrics create the illusion of unexpected forms and volumes and give a soft shine to the surfaces.


2. Northern inspiration

Or how to show off the pure beauty of the winter light. We can combine some baubles in delicate winter pastels or shades of fresh gray with the earthy browns of table decoration, for example. The natural is on trend again and more than a lunch on the second day of Christmas will be seasoned with small branches of wood or spruce, or any green conifer.

Grand Illusions

3. The magic of glass 

The translucent still fascinates us and we can use it both for  the tree decoration, the table or the whole house. For example, you can take a jar with white leds inside and some fir cones and place it on the Christmas table for a very trendy decoration. For the tree, the same led lights can be placed inside transparent balls, for a more powerful light effect. This way, you also prevent the tree from drying out as much, as the light source will not touch it directly.

Pom pom Galore

4. Glam candles

Regardless of time, space and culture, they are a manifestation of joy. Dare to innovate this year and hang strips of candles at the entrance of the house or in the dining room, to impress the guests with your Christmas decoration. Or place a chandelier with candles, decorating it with baubles and/or garlands, for a glam effect. Over the fireplace, in the windows, on the stairway – candles create the appropriate intimate environment with their brightness.


5. Maximalist aesthetics

It is living a fulminante return, however contradictory it may seem, translated mainly in oversized ornaments or plush surfaces. Black, pewter and gold – ingredients to add dramatic contrast and combine with dark and saturated tones. Since DIY (do it yourself) is still on trend, you can take advantage and create some wooden baubles in these shades for your tree. With some paint, wooden baubles and a dash of creativity, you will feel very proud of yourself and bonus, you will have an original tree. And if you’re too lazy for that, just pick some huge ribbons or large decorations in gold tones and copper, to achieve the maximalist effect.

House of Hackney

6. Outside decoration 

It’s not that we want to copy American movies, but the outside decorations really rock! The most important thing you need for incredible outdoor decor are the lights. Colourful or white leds, curtains of lights or more elaborated shapes, you can hang them either on the balcony or at the front door. If you live in a house, take advantage of the garden and create a small Christmas island, to give a magic sparkle at night. You can also use wreaths, stockings, flowers, baubles, bows and ribbons, so that your house doesn’t go unnoticed these Holidays.

 7. Match colors

The colors of the ornaments, both of the house and of the tree, should reflect the colors of your home (furniture, curtains, other elements). This way, it will be more attractive and more comfortable for the view. Don’t forget the fireplace, which is also suitable for decorating and matching with the tree. And if you could pair it with the gift wrapping paper, then you will definitely have the most trendy decoration this Christmas.


Whatever trend you choose, we want and hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and that you enjoy  these specials days with your family, friends and all the loved ones. If you are staying in one of our houses and you are going to put your Christmas decoration, take a photo and upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Naturaki, we would love to see it!