Hidden gem of the Alt Empordà, place of artists, bohemians and those “touched by the Tramuntana (a local cold and turbulent wind)”, Cadaqués is magical. Ideal for long romantic walks hand in hand with the tramuntana during winter or for wandering through its hidden coves during summer. Some compare it to an island, because of its difficult access. A coastal village that dazzles you with its white houses and fishing boats into the sea. Whether you stroll through its narrow streets or admire its beauty from the sea, Cadaqués is a town that will leave you breathless.

Located in the eastern side of the peninsula of Cap de Creus and considered by many as the pearl of the Costa Brava, the simplicity of its local houses contrasts with the luxurious buildings that were constructed by the more fortunate Indians who emigrated and made fortune in America.

Thanks to its charm and the beauty of its landscape, Cadaqués has always attracted both local and foreign artists. One of the most representative is the famous painter Salvador Dalí, who settled here permanently, and who made Cadaqués a worldwide lovemark, by immortalizing it in many of his creations. The ’60s brought the tourism phenomenon to Cadaqués, an evergreen attraction thanks to its genuineness. Its geographic isolation is another reason for this to last.

Cadaqués, initially a medieval village, is built on a hill of slate stones. It is a walled enclosure that keeps within a set of winding streets with its original flooring. Strolling through these streets will take you to the highest point of the village – the church of Santa Maria de Cadaqués, from where you will have a stunning scenic view of the village, of Cadaques bay and even of the small lighthouse Cala Nans. And what a treat for the senses visiting the numerous art galleries spread along its streets, where you can definitely find some hidden treasure.

In summer, could there be anything better than enjoying the wide variety of the unique beaches on the Costa Brava thanks to their singularity and beauty? One of the most characteristic elements of both beaches and coves are the pebbles and the sea rocks, where the passage of time has provided very curious shapes.  This phenomenon has served to name the camel, the eagle or the turtle, all rocks of Cap de Creus.

So now you know, whether you stroll through the “banks” that border the sea or the cobbled streets, visit one of its many vineyards, take a swim in one of the coves of pebbles … From any angle Cadaqués has a special light that mesmerizes the senses!