2013 has been an extremely busy year for us in every way. Therefore we would like to share with you the evolution of the company this year from different points of view. We hope that you find this analysis interesting.



Key points:

  • From 14 houses in management we have now 21.
  • Naturaki.com global sales increased by 23%.
  • We increased our total number of employees, from 5 to 7, and we increased the workday of 5 of them.
  • The international customer represents a 29% of sales.

Sales evolution:

  • Sales per house are generally maintained.
  • Naturaki.com global sales increased by 23.3%.
  • Lower sales of homes without specific attractions (around 10%). For example, houses with no swimmig pool, no jacuzzi, no large outdoor or without exceptional decor. In the 4th trimester, in some houses has been a decrease of sales up to 40%.
  • Sales of the houses with a high quality level are up. Between 10 and 20%.
  • The prices of the cheapest houses can not increase. The national client, due to the decline in purchasing power, can not take such price increases.
  • The first four months of comparable sales (sales managed by Naturaki the years 2012 and full 2013) per accommodation have remained. From May to September sales per house have increased by 10%. In the last four months of the year, sales per house have fallen by 8%.
  • The average amount per booking has been stable over the previous year with an increase of 1.3%.
  • Advertising expenses increased by 22.5%, while the total of bookings have increased by 23.3%. The number of regular customers has increased significantly and this has allowed advertising spending to be stable with respect to sales.


International sales evolution:

  • Foreign tourism compensates the fall in domestic tourism.
  • The arrivals of foreign tourists are not all in the same season. In May 2012 the % of foreigners accounted for 3% of sales, in May 2013 represented the 31.7%.
  • The French customer is already the second one after the Catalan customer, ahead of the rest of Spain. The prevision shows that the French customer will increase significantly.
  • The international customer already represents a 29% of total sales. In 2012 was 18% and 13% in 2011. The prediction for 2014 indicates that this percentage can reach 34%.
  • The high season prices of the houses with swimming pool increase a 3-4%, without having affected the occupation. International customers can still take moderate price increases.

General feeling of the sector:

  • The occupation continues to decline in the sector.
  • More homeowners call inquiring about Naturaki.com services. The average is of 4 houses per week for information. The number of calls has increased considerably since November.
  • In general, all expenses are stable except the cost of supplies: electricity, gas, diesel for heating, which have increased by 10% despite the effort to rationalize the consum. These expenses are mainly in winter time, when we have the stays of domestic customers and this can not affect the price of the stay.

Evolution of visits to the web:

  • The visits increase by 20.5% compared to 2012. From 105,315 to 126,938 visitors have visited our website.
  • Of the 5 main countries from were we receive visits, the increase is as follows: Spain + 19.32% to 114,205 visits. France + 54.88% to 3,821views. US 1,556 + 140% with visits. UK + 42.76% with 1,202 visits. Germany + 31.69% with 1,014 visits.
  • The number of page views increased by 23.81%. In 2012 we had 636,757 and in 2013 we had 788,386 page views.
  • The number of page views per visitor has increased slightly, by 2.7%.
  • The permanence time increased by 2.37%. 4:40 minutes is the average on every visit to the web.
  • The section deals is the most visited section after the homepage.
  • Visitors that repeat visits to the website represents a 37.8% of the total compared to 34.6% of the last year.
  • The conversion ratio is stable standing at 0.63%, just like in 2012.

Effect of the touristic tax:

We have not observed that the tourist tax has disadvantaged the development of reservations. The fact that almost the entire industry has chosen to collect this tax aside from the total price has contributed to this. In our case we also charge it aside.

The tourist tax raises doubts to final customers, so they don’t know what it is or what amount represents. Most questions regarding the fee are to know which is the exact amount of it and when it has to be paid. The main problem of the tourist tax is the time that takes from our efficiency, meaning that it is a time that we have to spend on administrative tasks rather than spend on productive tasks. The tourist tax preparation involves two hours of each quarter, meaning 8 hours per year of additional work.